Food and Cooking : Which pasta is good for what?

 Food and Cooking : Which pasta is good for what?

Fresh pasta Available in the fridge section of your supermarket, fresh pasta usually comes in the form of  Iasagne sheets, ravioli, tortellini orfettuccinl. Fresh pasta cooks more  quickly than dried-pasta   so it is a great option for fast, mid-week meals.

Looks like rice and often used in soups and  salads. Cooked risoni is  also great for stuffing vegetables such as capsicum oreggplant.

Best described as dried pasta cylinders and often stuffed with ingredients such as ricotta, spinach and
various meats. The stuffed tubes are covered in sauce and cooked in the oven, where the pasta absorbs  the sauce and softens.

Farfalle, macaroni, shells and penne
These pasta types are purchased dry and then Penne cooked in boiling water.  Suitable for pasta salads   or individual pasta dishes, these short pastas are ·   also great for kids as the shapes are fun and easy to eat.

Fettuocine, Iinguine and spaghetti
These long strands of pasta are most commonly bought dry and then cooked in boiling  water, Long pasta varieties are  great for stirring through rich or creamy sauces to create dishes such as spaghetti bolognese or fettuccine carbonara.

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