Cake,Fudge cheesecake

Cake,Fudge cheesecake
Makes: 1 x 20cm cake,Preparation time: 40 minutes plus chilling time

• 140g digestive biscuits, crushed
• 60g butter, melted

• 15g gelatine
• 500ml sour cream
• 150g brown sugar
• 400g ricotta cheese
· 5ml vanilla essence
• 150g fudge, chopped
• 125g fresh berries

1. Mix the crushed biscuits and melted butter together. Press into a 20cm spring form tin to cover the base. Refrigerate.

2. Filling Put the gelatine into a small bowl and cover with 45ml cold water. Leave to stand for two minutes then melt in the microwave. Stir to dissolve.

3. Heat the sour cream and sugar together in a saucepan over a low heat until the sugar has melted. Remove from the heat and stir some of the mixture into the gelatine, then stir the gelatine mixture into the remaining cream mixture. Set aside to cool.

4. Put the ricotta into a blender and process until smooth. Add to the sour cream mixture and blend again until smooth. Add the vanilla essence and pour the mixture into the prepared base. Carefully stir in half of the chopped fudge. Refrigerate until firm.

5. To serve Run a warm, blunt knife around the edge ofthe cheesecake. Remove from the tin and put onto a serving platter or cake stand. Arrange the berries in the middle of the cheesecake. Top with the remaining pieces of chopped fudge and berries.

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